Commercial properties experience a far greater volume of traffic and wear than private residences. To keep carpets, rugs, and upholstery stain- and odor-free, they require routine maintenance, including professional cleaning services.

What sets Best Kept Cleaning Services apart from other carpet cleaning companies are the techniques, competent technicians, cleaning techniques, and state-of-the-art equipment. The hot water extraction technology removes unwanted contaminants, dry soils, and stains from carpets. Businesses benefit from freshly sanitized carpets that look and smell clean.

Complementing our use of advanced technology is the technicians’ understanding of the unique needs of commercial properties. Since carpeting in commercial settings is subject to a great deal of foot traffic and damage, it requires a customized cleaning program that is aggressive enough to disinfect and clean spots, but gentle enough to extend the life of the carpet. The technicians at Best Kept will assess each property’s needs and provide you with a detailed report that outlines problems and potential solutions.

Carpet cleaning:

Carpets are pre-treated, scrubbed, and steam cleaned. Carpets are then cleaned with a combination of hot water and a cleaning solution using high-pressure technology. After the cleaning, a floor machine with an absorbent bonnet is ran to absorb even more moisture, and carpet drying fans are used for even quicker results.

Upholstery cleaning:

The upholstery on couches, chairs, and cushions can be professionally cleaned to eradicate stains and odors in lobbies and offices.

Contact us before you consider replacing a carpet. We will make a FREE visit to your premises, assess the carpet, and perform a FREE test clean so you can see the results carpet restoration cleaning can offer. Your business can save a great deal of money by choosing restoration cleaning instead of carpet replacement. What's more, the cleaning process causes little or no workplace disruption, so you can avoid the lost profits associated with a long, disruptive carpet removal and replacement.

Liability Insurance

We have both public and employee liability cover. The minimum amount of cover provided is no less than £2 million, and cover includes the items being cleaned. Copies of our liability insurance will be provided on request.

The Commercial Carpet Cleaning Process

We are fully trained in commercial carpet-cleaning procedures, methods, and equipment use. After a thorough, pre-inspection of the carpeting on the premises to be serviced, we move and/or block furniture and follow these steps.

Step 1: Thorough vacuuming of all areas to remove loose dirt, soil, and particulate matter which has settled on or near the surface of the carpeting

Step 2: Spot-treatment and pre-spray of high-traffic areas to prepare these areas for a more thorough cleaning than more lightly used areas

Step 3: Agitation of carpeting to allow cleaning solution to penetrate and loosen soil

Step 4: Hot-water extraction, using a high-performance commercial extractor, to rinse, condition, and remove soil, excess water, and detergent residue

Step 5: Post-cleaning spot-treatment, as needed to remove any remaining spots. (Please note that stains indicated as permanent during our pre-inspection may not be completely removed.)

Step 6: Post-grooming of the carpet pile to aid visual appeal and enhance drying

Step 7: Post-cleaning walk-through and inspection to ensure that you are pleased with the results


"I've just used this company to clean the carpet in my office, employing 65 staff on the same floor our carpet gets a lot of heavy foot traffic and although the flooring appeared only moderately soiled, I was amazed at how much came out of the carpet and how incredible the results have been! 

The Best Kept Cleaning team were punctual, very professional and incredibly courteous.
I would recommend their services to any other business looking to rejuvenate their carpets with minimal fuss but maximum efficiency.
I am so pleased with the service, results and costs that I've already booked them in to clean my carpets at home.
Very happy indeed!!!" - Ken Meany



We cater for a large range of both residential and commercial clients using the same advanced equipment and techniques.


We provide professional upholstery cleaning that brings your sofas and furnishings back to life and ensures you significantly prolong their lifespan.


Best Kept Cleaning Services provide a high quality professional carpet & upholstery cleaning service for homes, offices and commercial properties


We work with tenants landlords and letting/estate agents to ensure carpets are fully cleaned to a high standard and ready for the new tenants.

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